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November 30, 2015

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the style eater

Time goes by so fast, I can’t even get a grip on anything right now. Those wedding plans that seemed like a distant future, intangible and too far away to fully comprehend, were gone in an instant and now 2 months past. Life, you’re crazy. So much has happened, so much has changed.

I’m a married woman.
I went on a longgggggg honeymoon in France.
Work is totally nuts (been spending all my extra blogging time here).
I learned how to budget and it’s life changing.
I snapchat a lot (@janellegrodsky).
I don’t really workout anymore, but I’d like to get that up and running again (pun intended).
I didn’t blog for 5 months (which I was v sad about).

I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things finally, so hopefully I’ll be around these parts more often. Plus, I’m going to share ALLLLLL the wedding details so stay tuned for that.


the style eater pillow shop

I’m also selling pillows again!

I thought it was going to be a one-time thing but they sold SO DANG FAST, so I was like well shoot maybe we should sell a few more? Gotta pay off that honeymoon, ya know? Plus I want these Acne boots.

This time I’m selling on both Etsy and Tictail. You can find the stores here:

Since we’re launching on Cyber Monday, we’re running a discount TODAY ONLY for 15% OFF all pillows. Enter the code thestyleeater on either store site! Ends on Monday at 11:59 PM PST.

We will pretty much nevs do a discount again so scoop that shiz up if you’re feelin’ it. How cute are these mudcloth pillows though??

the style eater pillow shop

Speaking of Cyber Monday, you know I can’t resist it. I rounded up my fave places to catch a deal:

the style eater / cyber monday 2015

  1. MADEWELL (25% off everything): I’ll take one of everything, but especially the turtlenecks.
  2. ANTHROPOLOGIE (25% off sale): I love scooping up home decor and books during their sales.
  3. CRATE & BARREL (15% off everything): I’m in the market for some marble and C&B knows whats up.
  4. NEED SUPPLY (25% off everything): They always have the best coats and scarves during winter!
  5. J. CREW (30% off everything, plus 40% off select items): Sweaters, sweaters, and all the sweaters.
  6. URBAN OUTFITTERS ($15 off $75, $50 off $150): I usually go for their trendy tops and sweaters, but I’m digging their apartment stuff lately.
  7. WEST ELM (tiered discounts up to 25% off): Their jewelry boxes are my absolute favorite (fun fact: I used a bunch during my wedding!) and are the perfect gift for the ladies in your life.
  8. SEPHORA (do they even have a discount? Idk but I love Sephora): Winter makes my skin SO DRY so I’m always looking for ultra luxe serums and oils.
  9. SHOPBOP (tiered discounts up to 25% off): During Shopbop sales, I usually gravitate towards their Clare V. selection. Clare Vivs at a discounted price is so rare!

K that was a lot of blog time. Thanks for sticking around. SO MUCH MORE LATER.

Color Blocked

March 12, 2011

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[j.crew silk blouse, zara skirt, madewell wedges, rayban sunglasses, michael kors watch]

To answer your question: YES, this is the first time my legs have seen the sunlight since last summer.  Those babies are white!  To answer your 2nd question: YES, I’m wearing wedges on a hiking trail.

On Friday, Kyle and I both had the day off from work so we decided to go on a few adventures.  Said adventures include but are not limited to: driving into the boondocks and coming across a giant movie set, complete with fake building facades; eating delicious Mexican food as per usual; and finding a beautiful hiking trail while wearing the trifecta of non-hiking gear, i.e. silk, skirt, wedges.

But look!  I’m attempting to color block and that’s what matters.  Green shirt + bright blue skirt.  Do I get any Spring/Summer 2011 points?  I probably should’ve thrown another bright color into the mix, like orange or red, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’ve got the whole spring season to practice that!

Need Immediately: Red Pants

February 18, 2011

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red pants outfit

I’m usually not a colorful person.  I stick to neutrals like you wouldn’t believe.  But all of sudden, I’m craving red pants.  What’s the deal here?  It might be because the color red has been popping up repeatedly all over New York Fashion Week.  Or maybe because it was just Valentine’s Day and heart motifs are aplenty.  Was it quite possibly the red velvet bundt cake I tested the other day that sent me into a world of chocolately red dye bliss???

I NEED RED PANTS!  I swear, red pairs well with every color on the planet: navy, olive green, camel, cream, orange, leopard (yes, leopard is a color), royal blue.  I could probably go through the entire color spectrum but instead, I want to show you an outfit that I wish I was currently wearing.

Of course, I would start with these Zara red cropped pants.  Then I would add a touch of silk with a J.Crew navy blouse (lusted after here in olive just days ago).  Red + navy = get used to it my friends because you will be seeing LOTS of it in the coming months!  Over the silk blouse, I would wear this slouchy Topshop sweater.  Extra geek chic points for the blouse collar peeking out of the sweater neckline.  And then I would add a chunky gold Madewell necklace for pizazz, bright red Topshop lipstick for even MORE pizazz, and a Madewell satchel because it’s probably the cutest thing ever.

Gift Guide: For The Street Style Savvy

December 4, 2010

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Gift Guide for the Street Style Savvy

The accessories in this gift guide are perfect for your fashion-loving girlfriend/friend/lover/bff/sister who find inspiration in the quirky, colorful, and always effortlessly chic style of street style blogs*.  An unexpected accessory with a pop of color is exactly what they need!  Trust me, they will be totally smitten with a cozy, bright snood or …gasp… Proenza Schouler on the cheap???  BRB…fainting.

  1. Red Snood Dogg, Wool and the Gang,$95
  2. Field Notes Notebooks, Letterbox Co., $5
  3. Nail Polish in Fiesty, Topshop, £5
  4. Mochila Wallet, Proenza Schouler, $145
  5. Double Finger Metal Feather Ring, ASOS, $13.79
  6. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman, Amazon, $16.50
  7. Elizabeth and James Fairfax Sunglasses, Madison, $185
  8. Griffith Suede Bag, Madewell, $168
  9. Thomas Paul Luddite 13″ Laptop Sleeve, Velocity, $56

*See some of my favorite street style bloggies here.

Madewell Understands Me

November 20, 2010

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Sure, this my 79th post about Madewell but bear with me because I’ve finally realized something.  Madewell GETS me.  It understands me.  Season after season, it embodies everything I want in a wardrobe.  Nay, a lifestyle!!  Our relationship is a well-balanced give-and-take.  They give me the tools I need to express my style and in turn, I take it willingly (via my credit card).

For examps, let’s take a look at Madewell’s Holiday Gift Guide.  I almost cried when I saw it:

This chic tomboy is me in a nutshell.  I live in those plaids and tees.  The rolled denim!  The booties.  Those sweaters!  And the Penfield parka.  I swear, Madewell, how do you know me so well? Madewell Gift Guide Chic Tomboy

But wait…there are days when I want to be a vintage sophisticate instead.  But you knew that already, didn’t you Madewell?
Madewell Gift Guide Vintage Sophisticate

And sometimes I crave sequins and velvet when I go out on the town.  Perhaps I’m a glam night owl as well? Madewell Gift Guide Glam Night Owl

Oh but scratch all of that.  I love polka dots and ladylike charm.  Frills are brillz!  Ah oui, you’re right Madewell, I DO want to be a true romantic…
Madewell Gift Guide True Romantic

Wait, I’m a free spirit now, M-Well?  I’m so not a free spirit.  But what’s that you say?  You’re saying that I have the potential to be one?  Oh, maybe you’re onto something here…I do kind of love those shoulder sequins and lord knows I already ordered those wedge booties. Madewell Gift Guide Free Spirit

See what I mean?  Madewell’s the yin to my yang.

[Images via Madewell]