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My Madewell.com Picks

June 10, 2010

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If there’s one thing you should know about me by now (besides my unhealthy need for anything dipped in chocolate), it’s that I have an undying love for Madewell.  There’s just something about it’s chic-meets-comfy style that drives me wild…and depletes my bank account.

About a week ago, Madewell finally launched e-commerce!  …meaning they now have an ONLINE STORE!!!!  …meaning goodbye life savings.  Of course, there are 2 Madewell stores fairly close to me but the idea of being able to order some of my favorite things at the click of a mouse is soooo very enticing.

Since it launched, I’ve scoured every inch of the website and selected all the items I had to have, compiling a list of my favorites.  And though Madewell is adding new items just about daily, these are some of the things that I absolutely love right now…

My Madewell.com Picks:

  1. Panama Hat, $58
  2. Raffia Herringbone Belt, $49.50
  3. Scholar Cardigan, $62
  4. Lizzie Fortunato For Madewell Bouquet Necklace, $118
  5. Button-down Boyshirt, $68
  6. The Canyon Mini-Bag, $98
  7. Clambake Jumpsuit, $118
  8. Floaty Floral Dress, $158
  9. Gouache Cami, $88
  10. Hazy Days Tank, $88
  11. Sunset Sandal, $148
  12. Ropey Soles Simple Espadrilles, $48
  13. Wanderlust Sumatra Shirtdress, $88

[Images via madewell.com]

The Silk Blouse

June 7, 2010

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Equipment Signature Washed Silk Blouse, Shopbop, $178

Do you ever have an inkling, a craving, a desire for an item of clothing that you can’t find anywhere yet you can picture it’s glory and perfection in your head?  So close but yet so far?  Well it happens to me about once a month.

Whether I first see it in an editorial, a blog, or on the back of a super cool hipster, there’s always something that I have to have that’s nowhere to be found.  Last year I remember searching endlessly for a light-washed chambray shirt.  Perfectly worn-in, perfectly oversized.  NOWHERE.  But alas, I was able to find what I wanted.  Of course, the minute I found it, the chambray shirt showed up in every store (and I got 2 more in different shades).  Such is life.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I had the same sentiment about the silk blouse.  An oversized, buttoned silk blouse.  Easy enough, right?  NO!  Note to self: googling “silk blouse” is the worst idea ever.  I found nothing, I sulked, I saw more and more street style blogs with silk shirts, I cried (inside).

Then one day, one of my favorites, WHO WHAT WEAR (love you Katherine and Hillary), posted the most glorious thing: the perfect silk shirt.  It’s like they read my mind and/or answered my fashion prayers.  The blouse, above left, is exactly what I pictured in my mind.

It’s a little bit menswear, a little bit boho chic, a little bit Parisian…with a dash of Mary-Kate.  I’ll take one in every color?

[Images via Shopbop]

Summer Lovin’: Shorts Edition

May 26, 2010

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Shorts are my summer uniform.  Sure, I like to mix it up with a dress here and a skirt there but overall, nothing is more appropriate in the summertime than shorts.  Just like the dresses I picked out, these are my favorite short styles this season.

First of all, I love anything that comes pre-belted.  It adds a sense of refinement to a seemingly casual piece of clothing like shorts.  Just tuck a loose-fitting blouse into those belted shorts and pair them with flats and you have an instant summer office outfit.

As for the rolled denim, I personally think nothing’s better than cutting up an old pair of jeans to mid-thigh length and rolling the hem to your desired length.  A few summers ago, I cut 2 pairs of my high school jeans into shorts and I’ve worn them religiously ever since.  But, if you don’t have old jeans to destroy, the 3 rolled denim shorts below are perfect options!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good print.  It instantly spices up an outfit!  All 3 of the patterned shorts below have an almost childish charm to them.  They make me want to ride the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy at a carnival.  There’s nothing wrong with expressing your inner 13 year old!  Am I right??

Belted Waist:

  1. Dejeuner Silk Short, J.Crew, $88
  2. Madewell Paper Bag Shorts, Shopbop, $54.60
  3. ASOS Rope Shorts, ASOS, $37.20

Rolled Denim:

  1. Denim Boyfriend Short, J. Crew, $79.50
  2. Extreme Ripped Boy Shorts, Topshop, $60
  3. Levi’s 1960 Tab Shorts, Steven Alan, $195

Colorful Pattern:

  1. Faded Floral Pocket Shorts, Topshop, $50
  2. ASOS Heart Print Shorts, ASOS, $43.96
  3. Rift Valley Shorts, Anthropologie, $98

[Images via J. Crew, Shopbop, ASOS, Topshop, Steven Alan, Anthropologie]