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October 9, 2013

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DOWNTOWN / the style eater

Just as October rolled in,
and the pumpkins showed up,
and the gourds took over the grocery store,
and the leaves started falling,
and candy corn became a midday snack,
California was all “Oh hell no, it’s not fall yet” and decided to be 90 degrees again.

Kind of like this: “Hi, can I get a pumpkin spiced latte please? But hold the pumpkin, hold the spice, add watermelon agua fresca, and you know what, go ahead and take away the latte part too. Extra ice, extra limes.”

It all happened about a week ago, when I was taking an awesome photography class on a street corner in downtown LA (which I mentioned here, Jaymee mentioned here, and Ann-Marie mentioned here!), and I was sitting in direct sunlight, melting into a pool of hair products and lotion. You gotta love that California sunshine though, because pretty soon winter will be here and you know how crazy CA winters can be. I mean, total mayhem in the seasonal department. YA RIGHT, it’s mild and boring, yada yada. Happy October!

OUTFIT DETAILS | Madewell tee, Rag & Bone jeans, Coach handbag, Jeffrey Campbell boots (old), RayBan sunglasses, Essie Polish in Vested Interest

photos by: jaymee zeller harney

DOWNTOWN / the style eater

DOWNTOWN / the style eater

DOWNTOWN / the style eater


September 16, 2013

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OUTFIT DETAILS | Madewell dress (old), J. Crew plaid shirt (old, kind of similar), Madewell sandals (old), Coach handbagRayban sunglasses

I forgot to mention that I was going to Toronto for 7 days. I usually alert the masses any time I have a trip planned, but this one snuck up on me and before I knew it, I was 3 days deep into the trip and forgetting what a blog even was, etc. Life happens and don’t I know it. Anyway I’m back!

I would LIKE to say that a Toronto-centric blog post is coming, but I also said that a Lollapalooza post was coming and where the hellz is that one? Still on my iPhone, that’s where it is. So I might post one if my brain can kick it into high gear. In the meantime, check out all of our hard work from Toronto on InStyle.com: here, here, and here.


Anyway, this is a weekend outfit if I’ve ever seen a weekend outfit. I took a seemingly nice dress and messed it up with a flannel shirt, because you know what, it gets real cold in the grocery store and I’m definitely not wearing a full-on jacket now that we’re finally experiencing real summer weather. 80 degrees days, don’t I love you so. I have to bring something to keep me warm in grocery stores though, otherwise I’m shivering like Leo DiCaprio on that plank before he drowns as I’m walking from aisle to aisle.


Also, Kyle asked if my outfit was a nod to the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s In Utero album and you know what, I’m just going to pretend that it is to up my cool factor. I’ve been feeling old and out of touch lately so anything to up that cool factor is FINE BY ME.



June 10, 2013

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You guys, I’m addicted to buying plants. Can’t stop, won’t stop = my plant-buying philosophy. I’m also addicted to online shopping and that’s a real issue, whereas plant-buying is totally okay to do. For example, this dress from ASOS is something I didn’t need at all, but it sure made me smile so I put it in my online cart and look how precious it is? I feel like I stepped into 1992. All I need are some black Converse, a scrunchy or two, and a choker necklace, which lucky for me, are all on their way thanks to another online shopping excursion (kidding! I’m so not ready for a choker necklace). But plants? Those are definite needs. THEY GIVE US OXYGEN, for goodness sake. They do, right? My last science class was like 10 years ago probably.

Just so you know, I air out all my issues here so I don’t have to pay for therapy. So thanks! Anyway, I wore this get-up to the Everlane party this weekend, which by the way, was a total blast. Great venue, great food, great people, great company. Here’s an instagram from it.

Happy Monday!

OUTFIT DETAILS | ASOS dress, Madewell boots, Coach bag



Style Recipes: A Midweek Getaway

March 27, 2013

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Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

BB Dakota shirt, Topshop denim shorts, Madewell Sunglasses, Topshop Sandals (old)

I love, love, love hot weather. My soul craves it. My pale skin obviously needs it too. I swear these photos were taken BEFORE I laid out by the pool and not after! But give me a 90 degree day and a pair of shorts and I’m in my happy zone. Also, I’m that person who wears a palm tree shirt in Palm Springs. I just HAD to. It felt right, ya know?

As mentioned here, I spent the last few days in PS and I’ll be damned if my soul doesn’t feel a hundred times better! The heat will do that to ya. More photos from the trip coming tomorrow.

See more Style Recipes here!

Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater


December 14, 2012

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style recipes / the style eater

Kyle’s beanie, Gap scarf, J. Crew shirt (similar here), Kyle’s old tee, Gap jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Sometimes on the weekends I dress like a hobo.  We all have those days, am I right?  I grab whatever is clean and that sometimes includes the boyfriend’s Les Miserables t-shirt from high school.  It also may include his beanie.  What else are boyfriends good for if not for borrowing clothing from?  PS, can you tell it’s a cold day in Los Angeles?  Cold days really do happen, I swear!

And, I’m not technically promoting Les Mis but I’m really excited to see it and Anne Hathaway is my favorite human.

Also, I meant to post this yesterday and am just now realizing it never got published.  Oi!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  I’ll be making and assembling Christmas gifts the whole weekend.  I’m going to share one of these fun DIY gifts on Monday if all goes well.  Wish me luck, candy thermometers are involved!