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Spring Cravings

March 8, 2011


march wish list

With springtime fast approaching, I feel myself starting to crave color and wild patterns (and canning cookbooks?).  Long, flowy skirts, perfectly polished olive green nails, geometric bangles – all of these items reflect the changing seasons and I’m LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

As you can see, I’m lusting after lots of tans, various shades of green and blue, yellow, gold, and hints of pink.  And who doesn’t love a chevron print in the form of a bathroom accessory?  Sign me up for that, please.  Instead of spring cleaning, I want to do the exact opposite and accumulate MORE things, namely these 10 items on my March wish list:

  1. Zara Long Skirt
  2. Madewell Brightside Bangle
  3. Canning For A New Generation cookbook
  4. Urban Outfitters Little Birch Jewelry Stand
  5. West Elm Graphic Porcelain Tumblers
  6. Clarks Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tint
  7. Scotch Naturals Nail Polish in Ceasefire
  8. Rennes Le Chateau Wallet Pouch
  9. Twoems Patterned Peacock Print (sold out…brb crying)
  10. MTWTFSS Weekday Endless Knit Sweater Beige

Here Comes Spring

January 24, 2011

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Just as I was thinking to myself “What in the H am I going to wear now that it’s getting warmer??” (since, of course, spring comes in mid-January over in these parts), Steven Alan comes out with the sweetest, most easy breezy collection I could hope for.  Everything looks so comfy, chic, and perfectly boyish – exactly what I need this time of year. Goodbye peacoat (though I only wore you once this winter…ahem…in San Francisco) and hello adorable spring wardrobe.

Steven Alan spring collection

See the entire Steven Alan Spring Collection here.

[Images via steven alan]

Transitioning Into Spring: Floral Frock

January 16, 2010

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This Free People We The Free Mala Strana Dress is the ultimate floral frock. It’s every bit girly and quintessentially spring. Yet paired with tights, combat boots, and a chunky sweater, it works perfectly well at the end of these winter months as well. It adds just the right amount of color into your winterized wardrobe.

This spring especially is witnessing a revival of 1990s-level floral. That means a whole lot of flowers, my friends. Adding a touch of floral into your outfit will act as a transitioning tool in itself. Any kind of floral will do: blazers, cropped jackets, skirts, blouses, belts, etc. So bust out your favorite floral ensemble and let’s transition into spring…

[Image via Free People]

Transitioning Into Spring: Ankle Jeans

January 15, 2010

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Sometimes for me, it’s difficult to transition into spring. I never know what to wear! Am I still allowed to wear black? Do I have to wear a pastel dress? What’s the rule on tall boots? Must I change my mood from brooding to cheery?

All I know is that I’m loving ankle jeans right now. I feel like they could be a great transitioning tool from winter to spring, don’t you agree? They show just an ever-so-small amount of leg. Basically you are telling the world that you don’t need wool socks & rain boots anymore. Actually I’m pretty sure it rains in the spring so scratch that theory. Just know that ankle jeans are perfect for breaking out of the winter doldrums.

So if you feel like it’s time to sun your ankles a little bit, here are my favorite ankle jeans:

[Image via Madewell]