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Summer Lovin’: Shorts Edition

May 26, 2010

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Shorts are my summer uniform.  Sure, I like to mix it up with a dress here and a skirt there but overall, nothing is more appropriate in the summertime than shorts.  Just like the dresses I picked out, these are my favorite short styles this season.

First of all, I love anything that comes pre-belted.  It adds a sense of refinement to a seemingly casual piece of clothing like shorts.  Just tuck a loose-fitting blouse into those belted shorts and pair them with flats and you have an instant summer office outfit.

As for the rolled denim, I personally think nothing’s better than cutting up an old pair of jeans to mid-thigh length and rolling the hem to your desired length.  A few summers ago, I cut 2 pairs of my high school jeans into shorts and I’ve worn them religiously ever since.  But, if you don’t have old jeans to destroy, the 3 rolled denim shorts below are perfect options!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good print.  It instantly spices up an outfit!  All 3 of the patterned shorts below have an almost childish charm to them.  They make me want to ride the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy at a carnival.  There’s nothing wrong with expressing your inner 13 year old!  Am I right??

Belted Waist:

  1. Dejeuner Silk Short, J.Crew, $88
  2. Madewell Paper Bag Shorts, Shopbop, $54.60
  3. ASOS Rope Shorts, ASOS, $37.20

Rolled Denim:

  1. Denim Boyfriend Short, J. Crew, $79.50
  2. Extreme Ripped Boy Shorts, Topshop, $60
  3. Levi’s 1960 Tab Shorts, Steven Alan, $195

Colorful Pattern:

  1. Faded Floral Pocket Shorts, Topshop, $50
  2. ASOS Heart Print Shorts, ASOS, $43.96
  3. Rift Valley Shorts, Anthropologie, $98

[Images via J. Crew, Shopbop, ASOS, Topshop, Steven Alan, Anthropologie]

Ideal Spring Outfit, No. 5

March 5, 2010

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Ideal Spring Outfit #5: Chambray, White Jeans, and Alexa

  1. Selvidge Chambray Shirt, J. Crew, $98 [Image via J. Crew]
  2. Pearl Collar, Forever 21, $15.80 [Image via Forever 21]
  3. J Brand 10″ Ankle Skinny Jeans, Shopbop, $159 [Image via Shopbop]
  4. Mulberry Alexa Bag, Mulberry, $1,150 [Image via Mulberry]
  5. Spitfire 70s Removable Shades Sunglasses, ASOS, $30.77 [Image via ASOS]
  6. AIDAH Leather Brogue Lace-Up Ankle Boot, ASOS, $111.11, [Image via ASOS]

I can actually picture myself wearing this ideal spring outfit…minus the Alexa bag of course (as much as I love/need, I don’t have a spare grand laying around).  And for as often as I live in a fashion fantasy world, I’m a jeans and tee kind of gal (mostly…I do spruce up every now and again).  So this outfit is not much different than my current repertoire.

I decided to add a little flair with the FO 21 pearl collar.  If you’re EVER thinking to yourself: I need flair, you will undoubtedly find said flair at Forever 21.  It doesn’t matter that the gold will tarnish or the necklaces will break after 2 wears, FO 21 has a well-stocked flair department.  You will find what you need for just about any occasion.  Anyways, the pearl collar adds a nice feminine touch to the mostly masculine pieces of the outfit (though the pearls will probably start to unravel before I even finish posting this blog).

The Spitfire circle glasses, on the other hand, will automatically catapult you (or me, I guess) into the hipster category.  I better start practicing my brooding face.

And what can I say about the Mulberry Alexa?  It’s perfection.  I would put it in the same category as the PS1.  Classic. Timeless. Essential. Versatile. The bee’s knees. Too expensive for moi.

With that said, I want to wear this outfit right now.  Is it legal to wear white jeans yet???

Spring Forward

March 1, 2010

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Lately, I’ve been boggled down with fall trends but since fall is still 6 or 7 months away, I say we get back to spring because it’s just around the corner.  Goodbye shearling, arm warmers, and wool coats – we’ll see you soon!

Every day this week, I’m going to show you one of my ideal spring outfits.  You know the kind: an outfit that I wish I was wearing but for some unforeseen reason (lack of money, legs too white, still raining outside, not cool enough), I’m not.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to recreate these ideal outfits in the future (and by the future, I mean like asap).

Ideal Spring Outfit #1: Sheer Pastels, Khaki, and Two-Toned Oxfords

  1. A.L.C. Pocket Tee, Shopbop, $145 [Image via Shopbop]
  2. J. Crew Cotton Nico Skirt, J. Crew, $59.50 [Image via J. Crew]
  3. Anthropologie Spring Thaw Bralette, Anthropologie, $44 [Image via Anthropologie]
  4. J. Crew Leather Equestrian Belt, J. Crew, $45 [Image via J. Crew]
  5. Rag & Bone Cap Toe Lace Up Oxfords, Shopbop, $325 [Image via Shopbop]
  6. Anthropologie Woven Pendulum Sling Bag, Anthropologie, $118 [Image via Anthropologie]

This spring, it’s all about the sheer pastels and lace bralettes.  Though I’m not down to wear ultra, ultra sheer, this A.L.C. tee has just the right amount of sheerness to it.  Paired with a khaki skirt, this outfit is the perfect dose of feminine.  Since I’ve been wearing black all winter, this will be a lovely change in my wardrobe.  And what’s a spring outfit without oxfords?  I love the two-toned aspect of these Rag & Bone oxfords!  Oh, spring, where are you??  I can’t wait to dress for the sun!

Patterned Tights

October 28, 2009

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Unless it’s the month of July or August, my legs are guaranteed to be whiter than unbleached flour (points for a food reference?). Maybe that’s an exaggeration but I still like to cover them up in the winter months. The perfect way to cover up your legs and still look ultra chic? Tights. Now you’re probably thinking that tights have been in style every winter since 1999 so this is not a novelty assumption I’m making here. Well, my friends, the style of tights varies each year and this year it’s all about patterned tights.

Any kind of pattern will do: leaf pointelle-stitch (pictured above), lace, diamond, polka dot, cable knit, houndstooth, herringbone, etc. Pair them with a wool skirt or rolled shorts and you have instantly classed up your fall wardrobe. Or, even better, pair them with a sequined dress for a fun holiday party.

The best place to look for patterned tights is at Bare Necessities. They have a whole section dedicated to patterned and textured tights. My favorite are the Wolford Polka Tights but I don’t think I’m classy enough to spend $55 on tights so instead, I found these on eBay for $6.87. A little sketchy that they’re from South Korea but you can’t really beat $6.87. J. Crew also has a surprisingly great collection of hosiery.

Now pick out your favorite pattern and add a little pizazz into your outfit.

[Image via J. Crew]